Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite App Reviews

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this is really good! Id never imagine that i could be so relaxed with this app! I will use it tonight ! Awesome Thank You For this app!! :)

Ich finds cool

Entspannt total.


The First Time i Fall asleep! Its so great!!

Great bargain

Amazing not a knock off at all. I hesitated on dowloading it because of all the fakes but this won just wow it almost put me to sleep the first time1


This app is great, now every night I listen to it & fall asleep instantly.


What a Superb app!!! I used it to fall sleep at night for the first time and it worked like a charm!! Not even bathroom visits which is norm for me! I feel great this AM, thank you!!


I absoutley live this app! I like how when I had a question I actully got a response from the app maker!! Its an awesome app, a must have! I also have the full version which is great too! Id suggest that you consider buying the full version and installing the lite one! It really does work!!! XD

Great App

Great application ...loops are flawless. Puts me to sleep everynight! Even works for just relaxing too. Good for stress relief.

Omg its awesome

This app is great for people who cant sleep. I use this app to fall asleep, it works every time!!! Great app

Works great

2nd best app I have 1st is a $7 app called nova. Might even say there tied. It works it really does sooooooooooooooooo awsome why are you still readig this get it really i love it an I bet $50 it works!

really nice =)

this is a really good free app. i mean like all free apps, it has its limitations. this has one relax segment. but it works. i love the scottish voice xD its strangely soothing... very relaxing but it tends to get repetitive, like most free apps...but if i had an itunes card id definitly buy it. It also works to help you sleep, but use it when you really need it or else you will want to delete that one song you really really like but then it becomes over played.

Very good

Relaxing. What more do you need from a free app?


couldnt stand his voice. had to turn it off after 2 minutes.


This app,unlike so many others, actually works! Wheter you want to fall asleep or just take a power nap or even just cause you had a bad day at work and need a few minutes of relaxation this app works. I was so aMazed at the usefulness of this app and both his voice and the music is soothing. Sleeping with headphones on is dangerous but with this app you wont move a muscle in your sleep and after it is done you just stretch and deep breath then you are fully awake and refreshed. Definitly buying the full version.

Doesnt work!

I played it on my iPhone once. Since then, it dies every time I try to load it. Was planning to buy the full version, but not if its this unreliable.

cant even open the app

i cant even launch the app i downloaded it 2 times thinking there was a problem in the download nope just the app for something that is sapose to help relax i stressed out more thinking there was a problem with my phone

What happened?

Great app up until the latest update, now it just crashes upon opening. Please fix!


It always crash when i open thé new. Version .........

Update = bad idea

Dont update it , it wont load The app was good but now it all screwed up :( this was one of my fave apps im rly upset ... Fix it!!!


Used it once but now it crashes upon opening!!

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